Jackson Township Police & Administrative Offices

Jackson Township Police & Administrative Offices

Application for a Zoning Certificate must be obtained before any structure can be built, added on to, altered or torn down.  The Zoning Certificate is needed before you can obtain a building permit.  Please call for more information regarding zoning issues within Jackson Township.  Call Kristen in the zoning department at (937) 696-3010 or email at: khamaker@jtwpmc.com

Items you  will need:

  • A plot plan of the property, showing the location of all existing structures, mark where the new proposed structure is going to be located, as well as the  location of the Septic System and well.
  • A copy of the deed to the property and
  • Any other information which might be pertinent to the property.

You can download building information and forms from the Montgomery County Building Department at:  http://www.selectmcohio.com/building 

Zoning Regulations – Complete Zoning Regulations

Individual Articles

Table of Contents

Article 1 – Intent and Interpretation

Articel 2 – Defininition

Article 3 – Enforcement: Penalties and Fees

Articel 4 – Board of Zoning Appeals

Article 5 – Zoning District and Boundaties

Article 6 – District Changes and Resolution Amendments

Article 7 – Validity and Repeal

Article 8 – “A” Agricultural District

Article 9 – “R-1” Single Family Residential District

Article 10 – “OR-1” Office Residential District

Article 11 – “B-1” Neighborhood Business District

Article 12 – “B-2” Business District

Article 13 – “B-3” Business District

Article 14 – “B-4” Business District

Article 15 – “I-1” Light Industrial District

Article 16 – RFP – Regional Floodplain District

Article 17 – For Future Expansion

Article 18 – For Future Expansion

Article 19 – For Future Expansion

Article 20 – For Future Expansion

Article 21 – Planned Development

Article 22 – For Future Expansion

Article 23 – For Future Expansion

Article 24 – For Future Expansion

Article 25 – For Future Expansion

Article 26 – Existing and Nonconforming Use

Article 27 – Provisions Affecting Area, Yards and Courts

Article 28 – Accessory Uses

Article 29 – Exceptions, Modification and Interpretations

Article 30 – Exemptions for Zoning Provisions

Article 31 – Sign and Billboard Regulations

Article 32 – Off-Street Loading Provisions

Article 33 – Off-Street Parking

Article 34 – Noise

Article 35 – Extraction of Minerals

Article 36 – Private Noncommercial Golf Courses, Swimming Pools and Tennis Courts

Article 37 – Halfway Houses

Article 38 – Adult Entertainment Facilities

Article 39 – Small Solar Facility

Article 40 – When Effective; Repeal of Conflicting Resolution

Article 41 – Telecommunication Towers

Article 42 – Land Application of Sewage Sludge (As a condition Use within the Agricultural District)

Article 43 – Wind Turbines-Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Zoning Forms


Application for Conditional Use

Application for Variance


Application for Change of Zoning District

Zoning Maps

Zoning Map

Zoning Ortho Map