cornJackson Township first appeared as a subdivision of Montgomery county June 6, 1814. In 1820 the present boundaries of Jackson Township were established. It is of the greatest advantage in understanding the location of the lands in the township that the original surveyed or congressional township is the same as the political township. Jackson Township is township 4, range 4 east. It has, therefore, thirty-six square miles of territory. Big Twin and Little Twin creeks flow through its territory. Tom’s Run passes throughout the western part and empties into the Big Twin. The land consist of a large area of bottom lands and hilly and level uplands.

The township began to be settled soon after the adjacent territory of German and Jefferson townships began to be occupied. With the opening of the land to regular settlement in 1801, the intrepid pioneers made their appearance. Many of the present residents of the township are the descendants of the original settlers. Many persons have guessed and speculated as to the locations and arrival of the first settlers. The following table indicating the purchasers and time of purchase of Jackson township lands, taken from the records of the state auditor, gives a glimpse of the earliest settlers.

N.E. 1/4 Christoper Mason………..May 29, 1805
N.W. 1/4 John Miller………………..Oct. 30. 1810
S.E. 1/4 Abraham Hoover…………March 25,1805
S.W.1/4 Abraham Hoover…………Oct. 3, 1814.