LITHIUM BATTERIES MUST BE TAPED (These are the little “button” batteries that may be in hearing aids, key remotes, etc)




$30 returned check fee on all return checks.

Please follow:
Trash and recyclables should be placed at the curb the night before your service day
Rumpke will not collect paper barrels or drums of any size. Household containers are not acceptable as waste containers and may be removed as trash.
Yard waste will be collected with trash. Brush placed at the curb must be tied in bundles no larger than four feet long and two feet wide. Please ball all refuse or place in trash cans.
Items may not weigh more than 60 pounds.
Bulky items will be collected with trash. Applicance containing freon require special handling. Please contact Rumpke for details.  This service is included in your refuse bill, you are allowed two (2) large item pickups per year.

Should a pick up be missed, please call Rumpke directly at (937) 461-0004. Call as soon as possible, they might be able to get back to you that day.

For detailed map and schedule refer to the following downloads

Jackson TWP Condensed Address List

Jackson TWP Detailed Address List

Jackson TWP Map

Jackson TWP Description



Street Name Street Number Service Day
All Village Of Farmersville All Friday
Bull Rd 37 to 2640 Thursday
Center Street East 219 Thursday
Chicken Bristle Rd 11615 to 12912 Friday
Chicken Bristle Rd 13500 to 15910 Thursday
Church St South 495 to 906 Friday
Clayton Rd South 426 to 3314 Friday
Clayton Rd South 3472 to 5910 Thursday
Dayton Farmersville Rd 10170 to 12460  – Even Thursday
Dayton Farmersville Rd 10211 to 12397  – Odd Friday
Dechant RD 13020 to 15841 Thursday
Diamond Mill Rd South 11 to 2881 Friday
Diamind Mill Rd South 3015 to 5415 Thursday
Eagle Rd 12056 to 12939 Friday
Eaton Pike 10044 to 10478 Friday
Eaton Pike 13236 to 15400 Thursday
Farmersville Germantown Pike 4680 to 5698 Thursday
Farmersville Gratis Rd 13720 to 15500 Thursday
Farmersville Johnsville Rd 300 to 3910 – Even Friday
Farmersville Johnsville Rd 835 to 4055 –  Odd Thursday
Farmersville Rd 4830 to 5820 – Even Thursday
Farmersville Rd 5125 to 5817  – Odd Thursday
Farmersville W Alexanderia Rd 1569 to 4121 Thursday
Farmersville W Carrollton Rd 10067 to 12955 Thursday
Fuls Rd South 417 to 3680 Friday
Guntle Rd 1184 to 1906 Friday
Havermale Rd 10184 to 12770 Friday
Hemple Rd 10451 to 12650 Thursday
Johnsville Rd South 372 to 1064  – Even Friday
Johnsville Rd South 399 to 2595 – Odd Thursday
Lower Gratis Rd 14100 to 15382 Thursday
Manning Rd 10519 to 12573 Thursday
Manning Rd 12653 to 12897 Thursday
Mile Rd 10010 to 11916 Friday
Preble County Line Rd 128 to 5500 Thursday
Rhoades Rd 2020 to 2989 Friday
Sulphur Springs Rd 50 to 1166 Thursday
Swartzel Rd 3079 to 3998 Thursday
Venus Rd 4027 to 5881 Thursday
Walden Rd 13377 to 13863 Thursday
Zehring Rd 350 to 2925 Thursday


Refuse and recycling pick-up may be delayed a day.

Check out Rumpke’s Holiday schedule for any disruptions in service.


The recycling center is located at the Farmersville/Jackson Township Joint Park. Take Farmersville-Gratis Road west approx. 1 mile. After passing Lower Gratis road the park is located on the south side. Go past the Community Center and Swimming pool and turn left at the Recycling Center sign. Drive back the drive to the gray building.

The Recycling Center is opened the second Saturday of each month, from 9:00 a.m. to Noon.

The center accepts:
Used Motor Oil
Paint & paint cans (and spray cans)
Most chemicals as long as they have the labels (readable) and can be identified.
Batteries – all batteries must be taped – to prevent fires
Light bulbs