Jackson Township

Zoning Department 49 E. Walnut Street, Farmersville OH 45325

Melanny Michael, Zoning Inspector                                 (937)696-3010

Notice of Public Hearing

Attention Jackson Township

Notice is hereby served that the Jackson Township Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing for the purpose of determining whether or not the debris (Inoperative Camper and Boat) present in the front, rear, and/or side yards of the property located at 1107 S. Clayton Road, New Lebanon OH 45345, Jackson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio, constitutes a nuisance.  If the Board of Trustees determines at the public hearing, that a nuisance exists on the property, the board may take action to remove or abate the nuisance.  Any unpaid costs involved in the nuisance abatement shall be entered as a lien on the tax duplicate against the subject property. Resolution 2016-06 is available for review at the Jackson Township Zoning Office.

The public hearing will be held on Tuesday May 24th, 2016 7:00 pm at the Jackson Township Administrative Building at 49 E. Walnut Street, Farmersville Ohio, or soon thereafter.

The property owner may appear at this hearing and present testimony on their behalf, and also may be represented by an attorney at the hearing.

Please contact the zoning office at (937) 696-3010 for questions or more information.