Farmersville/Jackson Township Park RENEWAL Levy

If you enjoy walking along the path, fishing at the pond, playing on the playgrounds, having
picnics in the shelters, using the Community Center, participating in baseball and volley ball as
well as other activities at the park, please vote “FOR” our Park RENEWAL Levy which will be on
the November 7 th ballot. This is a RENEWAL only – NO NEW TAXES! This is a 1 mill levy for a
period of 5 years. This levy is for the PARK which includes repairs, maintenance and upkeep,
improvements to the buildings and sites, salaries and other expenses. A one mill levy amounts
to $.10 (ten cents) for each one dollar of valuation. We have an absolutely beautiful park for all
to enjoy. Please vote “FOR” this RENEWAL levy to help us to keep it that way. Thank you.

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